With the Galaxy Performance SDK, you can ensure that the system reserves a minimum amount of resources for your application, or gives the application additional resources when needed. Your application can also be informed when system resources become overworked.


The Galaxy Performance SDK is supported on most Samsung Galaxy devices running Android 10 (Android Q) or later since March 2020. It is not supported on some devices with lower-end hardware
A list of devices that support this are listed below, most of which we at mobile solutions can repair.


The Galaxy Performance SDK provides an interface that enables you to define:


Minimum and maximum operating frequencies for the CPU, GPU, and RAM
Preferred core allocation
Task priority and affinity to the default, performance, or power saving CPU core
Event listeners to notify the application about system resource limitation
A sample application is provided with the Galaxy Performance SDK documentation to demonstrate its capability.


• Galaxy Fold
• Galaxy Note 10/10+/10+ 5G
• Galaxy S10e/S10/S10+
• Galaxy S9/S9+
• Galaxy Note 9
• Galaxy A9 (2018)
• Galaxy A7 (2018)
• Galaxy A6 (2018)/A6+ (2018)
• Galaxy A8s/Galaxy A9 Pro (2019)
• Galaxy A90 5G
• Galaxy A80
• Galaxy A70
• Galaxy A60
• Galaxy A50
• Galaxy A50s
• Galaxy A40s
• Galaxy A40
• Galaxy A30s
• Galaxy A30
• Galaxy A20s/Galaxy A20
• Galaxy A20e
• Galaxy A10s
• Galaxy A10
• Galaxy A10e
• Galaxy A8 Star
• Galaxy J6/J6+

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