I Can fix it myself!!

If I had a penny for every time a customer came in and said, “it looked easy on the internet”, well you know the rest!

Customer’s often come into our shop with a small bag containing a phone or tablet, screws, batteries or screens and ask us to put them back together again. It is no fault of their own as YouTube has turned us all into experts on DIY, device repairs and car maintenance. Experts make it look so easy to do but in reality it isn’t.

You can buy special screwdrivers, screws and a host of other equipment to fix your mobile. Once started the sheer number of bits that have to be removed and remembered is mind blowing. The ordering of the right parts is also a minefield. Screens for the right phone with the right LCD or Digi of the right quality, batteries that won’t swell up and break the screen or bend your phone or in worst case scenario become dangerous.

What to do if you find yourself with a broken screen, dead battery, faulty charge port or any issue including water damaged phones then give us a call.

It is much less expensive than you think and the benefits of coming to your trusted repairer at Mobile Solutions are:

  1. Combined experience of over 100 years
  2. Quality parts covered by a guarantee
  3. All repairs guaranteed
  4. Speedy service with most repairs only taking an hour
  5. Great value for money
  6. 5* customer service

So, come off YouTube and stick with the professionals at Mobile Solutions in Norwich, Cambridge and Great Yarmouth.

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